Reselect and time fade

We can’t change the time fade on a selection while the selection is already made in SL. I’m not sure why not, because that would be really convenient, but since we can’t, if I make a selection and don’t like my fade settings, I have to first deselect (command-D), change the time fade and then drag my selection again. That’s a lot of work for such a small change, so I thought it would be much better if I just used the reselect command (command-shift-D) to get my old selection back with the new fade settings. But, for some reason, reselect brings back the old selection with the old fade setting. Is there are reason for this that I’m missing? I’d prefer it if reselect selected the previous area, but with the current fade settings.

The reason is that selection is a canvas, where multiple selections of different shapes and fadings can be combined together. So once a selection is added, changing the fade setting would change it for all the existing selections at once.
That being said, it’ll be much easier to change selection fading in SL11.

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Ah, good point. Since I usually work with one selection at a time or multiple selections with similar events, it never occurred to me that someone might want a bunch of selections with different fades.

I think what I’m trying to avoid is making the selection, not being happy with the fade setting, deselecting, changing the fade and then having to manually try to recreate the selection I made in the first place. Being naturally lazy, I try to avoid a lot of mouse work, plus I might want to make sure that I get exactly the same selection. I tried Save Selection, but when I load, the fade is built in. I guess I’d like to decouple the fade from the selection. Anyway, you understand. I’m looking forward to seeing SL 11.

Thanks, Robin!