Reset all Channels/Tracks to Unity & Center Pan

Is there a command button or modifier+button method to reset all my Tracks/Channels to 0db and Panning back to Center? Or… Is this a feature to request added to the next Cubase 8.xx/9.xx update/upgrade?

I have not found a means to do this. Saved Mixer Channel settings won’t do it. Control+mouse clicks on Linked channels/Groups won’t do it. (i.e. Links maintain the proportions currently chosen including Panning. Setting VCA Fader to 0db only resets channels already matched to the VCA Fader setting.)

If anyone knows how, please enlighten me. I’m sure I’m not the only songwriter who makes Q&D (Qwik & Dirty) Write Stage, beta test instrument-combinations, panning, volumes and maybe some Fx before the Mix Stage of Production. May have to restart again or reset my current choices back to Unity Gain & Center Pan before creating “Out Tracks” (sometimes Stems) for the Mix Stage or export to others.

Lookup resetting mix console channels in the manual
It resets the whole mixer, eq, FX, faders,pan etc

Tsk, tsk, tsk … User Error! Thanks for responding, Splits. I missed this solution when I previously searched the C8.5 manual because I set my search config wrong - duh! Thanks again! :slight_smile: