reset "don't show message again" dialog


i’ve ticked the “don’t show this message again” dialog box (when editing audio samples), and i’d like to get it back.
i’ve tried to reset the preferences, but it didn’t help.

does anyone know how i can achieve that?

Setting in Prefs, not trashing Prefs.

Check the “editing - audio” page of your preferences

hmmm, ok i’ve found something in the prefs about a message box when importing audio, but that’s not exactly my problem.

my issue is when for instance i duplicate a sample, then invert it using the function entry.
before i used to have a dialog box asking me if i wanted to duplicate all the samples or just this one.
since i’ve ticked the “don’t show again…” box, each time i invert the sample, all the instances get inverted too.
is there a way to get the dialog box back again?

As previously advised, go to- preferences- editing -audio
then go to the - ‘on processing shared clips’ box- change the info in this to ‘Open Option Dialogue’ , and you will be good to go :smiley: