Reset Dorico to factory settings

I am trying to reset Dorico completely to the factory settings but I would also like to keep a copy of all the settings I made.

To achieve this I want to

  1. make a copy of all relevant files which may contains settings I did.
  2. delete all these files to prevent Dorico to read these files during a new installation
  3. make a fresh install of Dorico.

But I am not sure which files contains user settings?
At the moment I am aware of the following files found in “Username/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Dorico2”:
. engravingOptions.xml
. keycommands_de.json
. preferences.xml
. userlibrary.xml

I also do not know exactly which files from the folder “Username/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/VSTAudioEngine2_64”
are Dorico specific, it seems that Cubase also uses this folder.
Which files from this folder are Dorico specific?

Beside of the mentioned files above are there any other files containing user settings?

Resetting Dorico to factory defaults should be as simple as moving the “Dorico 2” folder from %APPDATA%\Steinberg out of the way, and likewise moving the “VSTAudioEngine2_64” folder (which is used only by Dorico and not by Cubase) out of the way as well.

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…but as I’ve already said in your existing thread, this is probably massive overkill for deleting custom chord symbols.

Thank you for your answer.
I will try.

Has anything changed around this since July 2019? I’m trying to find the easiest way of resetting, say, all my slur settings - in just one file - to the default factory settings (ie without then changing all the manual setting changes of any other Dorico files that I subsequently open). [Using 3.5 on Windows 10] Sorry, but ‘…“Dorico 2” folder from %APPDATA%\Steinberg out of the way…’ means little to me. I tried by selecting all slurs (via filter selection) and then ‘reset appearance/position’ in Edit mode. No change. Tried ‘Reset to Saved Defaults’ in Engraving options. What am I missing?

In Engraving Options, you can Reset to Factory - holding down the appropriate key for your OS (as per that link) whilst in the dialog should change the names of the buttons in the bottom left. That resets all settings in the dialog back to their original defaults.

You’re a star, Lillie. Thanks for the quick response. Another thread said hold down ‘Alt’, not ‘Ctrl’, so I was barking up the wrong tree (also, I couldn’t find a ‘Reset to Factory’ in the index of your amazing manual). PS - I’ve been using the Evolution recycled paper you recommended some time ago - great recommendation.

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Admittedly I initially just typed out Alt/Opt before double-checking myself - it’s one of the few places where there’s a difference between macOS and Windows, and it’s easy if you primarily (exclusively) use one to forget the difference on the other.

You’re right, there isn’t an entry for “reset to factory” in the index, but I’ll add entries under “resetting”; a search of the PDF itself or webhelp should have turned it up though.

And glad you like the paper - every little helps! (Edit: can you remind me when/where I made that recommendation? It’s slipped my mind)