Reset MixConsole Channels issue

The “Reset MixConsole Channels” function does not reset the “R” (Read automation) and neither the “M” (Mute switch). Both functions stay active after a Reset All MixConsole Channels. Why? If I want reset the console, it must be reverted to default as a new project is starting from scratch.

Looking forward to hear from @Steinberg_Archived staff. Thank you.

Best regards.


I would expect the Mute state is reset, if I want to reset the MixConsole Channels.

Btw, you can easily click to Deactivate All Mute States, same as Activate/Deactivate All Read for All Tracks. You can even make a Macro of these 3 functions.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak

thanks for your reply. I would expect the Mute state is reset too, but it doesn’t happen. Well, I know I can do it in different way, but my question is why “Read” and “Mute” status are not reset if I hit the Reset All mixing console function.


Sorry, I don’t know why. Either it’s a bug (I don’t think so) or someone specified it this way.

Well, in any case it does not work good this way. Hopefully it’ll be solved.

Thank you.