reset positioning of vertical staff spacing?

How do I get the bottom staff in the screen shot to move up automatically? e.g. like a reset so that the distance is the same or very close to the previous staves? It seems to be off in all of the parts in a piece I am working on.

Reset Positioning doesn’t seem to do anything.

I know I can do this manually, but hoping not to have to make this adjustment manually in many parts. I’m not sure why this isn’t automatically positioned with the other staves, or why if I have reached a threshold percentage that all of the staves above it don’t change correspondingly.

Thought I might have missed something and so I am reaching out here. Thanks in advance.

If it’s every part in the current project then something is probably awry in the Vertical Spacing section of Notation Options. Maybe play around with them and see if anything takes effect.

Robert, I wonder if you have too high a value set for gap between systems with items (in Vertical Spacing). That’s messed me up in the past.

I’ve found it’s best to keep that value small (perhaps 3 spaces), and just allow vertical justification to fill frame.

Thanks guys.

I routinely lower the value set in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Inter-System Gap gap to control the number of systems on a page, but have now tried several very small values (including all the way down to 3 spaces) to see if that would reset things properly. Unfortunately, the problem still exists.

Could this be something related to “sticky residual settings” left over from MusicXML import?

Any other thoughts I might try?

Unfortunately it’s impossible to diagnose these kinds of problems by screenshots. Please attach the project here (zip it up first). Cut the project down to the minimal size that reproduces the issue, e.g. you could try exporting just this layout to its own project, then attach that. You can also experiment with deleting the notes from the staves, as they probably won’t be the governing factor, but leave the other items outside the staff like dynamics, rehearsal marks, and so on. Then nobody will be able to identify the composer or the music and you can sleep easy knowing that nobody is stealing the bassoon (or whatever) part from your current project.