"Reset" Word extensions?

I’m working on piece with lyrics, and I’ve changed the barring structure. So, what were tied notes over barlines with lyric extension lines are now single notes (but they still have the lines); and notes that were previously a single note are now tied over barlines and need an extension.

Am I missing a general fixer-upper for this, or do I have to do it all by hand?
Screenshot 8.png

You need to do it by hand.

Hmmm… I JUST ran into this issue today as well. It seems as the the lyric extensions do not automatically update when you change the note grouping settings after the fact. I was coming on here to write a report about it, but it looks like somebody has already.
Anyway… they should update! lol So… plus one for reporting this as a bug!

Yep, this one is a headache for me too.

Click on the syllable, hit enter, and then space to the next syllable and it will automatically delete the extender line.

…which is what Leo meant by “doing it by hand.” Automatic updating is what we’re hoping for.

I wanted to make sure the op wasn’t trying to drag the lines in engrave mode by hand which is utterly onerous by comparison.

What if you filter the lyrics, move them to the staff below, and then immediately move them back?

I tried that… it sounded promising, but it doesn’t work. The word extensions are preserved when moving lyrics between staves.

I think I’ve been able to repair similar issues by moving a syllable left and right by a (small) grid value. Can’t check right now, I’m not in front of Dorico atm.