Resetting Control Room preferences only

Hi everybody,
I’m reinstalling my system from scratch as I changed the hard disk and so I had to reset also the names of input and outputs in the control room; I have a MOTU 828mkII FW so I did it with the specific utility.
After a first setting I decided to change some output name so I renamed them but the old names still appear in Cubase CR setting options…
I both uninstalled MOTU software and cleared all channels in the CR window but with no result…
Is there a way to reset only CR preferences and not all the program ones?
Thank you,
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Audio Connections window.

The manual is wonderful.
See Control Room

Thank you Steve,
I always search the manual before asking in the forum and I still was looking for a solution; I know how the set and rename channels in the control room panel (shortcut F4) but the solution was’n there, maybe I explained myself badly.
When I tried to pair, let’s say, channel monitor 1 with output 1-2 in the CR, the names didn’t correspond with the new ones I’d set in MOTU utility (I also wrote in MOTU nation forum…)
In the meanwhile I’d found out the solution here, a couple of pages after your indication :wink:
I didn’t think to search in the Studio Menu…
Thank you for helping, anyway!

My intention was to refer to the entire chapter, not one single page.

Glad you figured it out by reading the documentation.