Resetting Layout

I’m having an occasional issue with some undesired layout changes. I’m not exactly sure what’s causing it, but what occasionally happens is that after some time working in gallery view, I go back to page view to discover the layout has become entirely illegible. I’ve tried all the different ways I’ve found to reset the layout, but none of them make any meaningful difference. I’ve attached an image of what it looks like (and it’s always the same). I’ve tried all the reset options in Engrave mode, no avail, but I’d be very happy if there’s just some option I’m missing. Thanks.

It’s too hard to guess what’s happening from only a screenshot. (I tried, and I came up with so many possibilities, it didn’t seem useful.) Please attach a project, and then we can easily find out what’s wrong.

There are too many staves for the layout size you have chosen. Go into Layout Options and select a smaller rastral size, or a larger page size. Adjust your margins as needed.