Resetting Locators

Once a selection has been made and the right and left locators have been set to a range, is there a way to “reset” them other than manually dragging them around? I can’t seem to find a way to do this.



what do you mean by “reset them” ? Reset them to what?

There are a bunch of locator key command combos. Locators to range. Right locator to selection etc…

By “reset” I simply mean eliminating the range as though the left and right locators were right on top of each other. I can manually drag them but would prefer a key command. I hope this description is a little clearer than my first post. Any ideas?


Move your cursor somewhere on the
timeline and move it to the upper edge of it so that the cursor
turns into a little pen-symbol. Then leftclick. That’s all.

Hej Rich

Just make a little Macro like this:
Reset Locators.png
And then assign a Key Command to this new Macro -
Voilá :wink:

Hi Bo!
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
And thanks No1DaBeats! Another simple option.

Appreciate it guys,


There’s a number of other ways to deal with this, as you will see if you spend some time in the key commands editor.

I don’t have Cubase in front of me, but i do have a MS Word file of key commands (i print this out and laminate it whenever i add a number of new custom key commands). Can’t remember which of these are default and which are custom assignments (which are very easy to do in Cubase), but i’ve got Shift+L and Shift+R to type in the values you want for your left and right locators separately.

Ctrl+NumPad1 and Ctrl+NumPad2 will assign your L and R locators according to the position of the cursor (i think this was a custom assignment).

My most frequently used Locators shortcut is “P”, which is the “Set Locators To Selection” command – click on some midi or audio clips to highlight them, hit “P”, and the locators will be assigned the the beginning and end of the clips. (I think this might also be a customer shortcut assigment).

You can do a shortcut key (or key combo) for just about every command in Cubase’s menus, and spending some time learning the default assigments, or setting up custom assignments for routinely used commands, really speeds up workflow.


Marker track; make loads of markers where you need and dbl click the relevant marker.

That’s by default and my favourite way to get rid of the cycle. Ctrl + 1/2 on keypad (simultaneously).