Resetting note values (reset appearance)

In the attached graphic, in 3/1 time, the top line (trumpet in C) was manually input, the other two staves (trumpets in F) were from an XML input and have not been edited. Obviously the top staff is the default display of that rhythm. I’ve tried doing Edit->Reset Appearance to get all staves looking the same and nothing changes. (In my XML input settings I have nothing selected in the notes/chords options). There are a large number of rhythmic differences in this document. Too many to manual change everything. Is there a one-step way to reset note values to the default notation settings? (Requantize doesn’t do anything either).

Try Notation Options > Note Grouping > Simple Time Signatures With or Without A Half-bar > Notate as a single note.

I’m pretty sure Edit > Reset Appearance covers this. That said, your top staff and other stave rhythms are likely handled by two different Note Grouping rules, given the top staff long note is followed by a rest rather than a note.

XML imports sometimes come across with Force Duration on every note. Make sure that’s removed.

Thanks, I knew there was something in the notation options that I’d not found. I tried other options, but not that one. Apparently the original graphic is the default for Dorico. I’m not sure I understand why notes should be displayed differently if there are or are not rests after them, at least in this context. I don’t have force duration on in xml import options.