resetting pitches according to key signature


Is there any possibility to reset all pitches according to the key signature?
With Dorico, lots of ideas related to convenience in working come to mind. Most of them are what I have never thought… Admittedly, I am getting more and more lazier. Sorry… :unamused:

No, there’s no way to snap all notes to the current key signature. I’m not sure how this could be done in a sensible way that wouldn’t require you to check everything in any case: for any note that isn’t in the key signature, you have (at least) two choices of how to snap it to the nearest note in the scale. How would the program know what you intended?

Couldn’t Dorico just use the same context-based algorithm that is used during midi note input? It would be functionally the same thing as if one were to re-enter all the notes from scratch via midi keyboard, just without the re-entering all the notes part. I’m sure there could be drawbacks to this method, and I can imagine at least one or two other methods (e.g. maintaining exact intervallic relationships) that might have their own advantages, but that one jumps out to me as being very “Dorico.”

I interpreted the original request as to change the actual pitches, rather than merely to change the spelling of the pitches. If it is the latter, then this is certainly something we may allow in future.

Oh, that makes a lot of sense. If the former, what an interesting thought, nonetheless.


This should effectively remove accidentals.

Thanks! It is perfect.