Resetting Play mode colours

This is a bit of a super-low priority thing, but can we have some control over the colours used in the Play mode?

Right now, I believe colours are assigned when players are added, and the colours are in sequence.
But if you add a player later which you shift up (e.g. you add an extra clarinet or so), the colours don’t shift and the colour of the added player sticks out (as it is not in sequence).

I’d love something like a ‘reset’ button in the menu that reapplies the colours.
And I can imagine that some people would want to colour-scheme the players themselves (e.g. woodwinds shades of red vs brass a shade of blue).

(Or is there a way to do that right now?)


This is an excellent suggestion! In my DAW and on our FOH console, woodwinds are blue, strings are green, and vocals are yellow. It would be great to be able to customize these colors to our liking.

There’s no way to do this at the moment, but we can certainly consider it for the future.

Just chiming in to say that I would also appreciate this control over the player colors. It would actually direct your eyes faster on the right track! Saves time when you’re very visual.

Daniel: I’ve been using Dorico for two straight days and… holy moly, it’s a REVOLUTION!

Unlike people who cursed against the flaws of “the two other notation programs we shall not name” and switched to Dorico, I’m actually an barely experienced user who feared to buy/use these programs because I knew I would curse too, facepalm the whole way through, and get discouraged. With Dorico, I am flying! The caret, the management of the rests… everything! Finally something that makes sense. The planet thanks you and your dedication. Cheers!

  • Alex, drummer & a cappella arranger.

Welcome to the forum, Alex, and I’m really pleased to hear you’re getting on well with Dorico. I don’t expect the next version will include this option, I’m afraid, but as I said last year (is it really last year already?!) it’s something we can consider for the future.