Resetting Voices


Is it possible to reset voices in an existing score to the default of a new score? I’ve made a few errors using voices and would like to remove them and start this again without disrupting the rest of my rather large score.

I know the actual notes can be removed and we can toggle through existing voices but I would like to reset them completely if possible. I have searched but not found any info on this.


Unfortunately, in Dorico 1.0.30 it is still not possible to alter anything in regard with voices. But we know things are going to be vastly improved !

As Marc says, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do to change the voice of existing notes in the current version, but the forthcoming update will include features both to change the voice of selected notes, and to swap notes in voices (though only within the same staff, for now: you will not be able to e.g. swap the contents of two staves with these features; I hope you’ll be able to do that in the future, however).

Hello Marc and Daniel,

Thank you both for your replies.

It’s great to read of new things in the pipeline.

Many thanks.