Resize and expand Visibility list / Inspector Left Zone in Project window

I can no longer read track names in the Visibility list in the Project window and need to be able to resize / expand the Left Zone. I am going to try using Mixconsole 3 linked to the Project window since the Left Zone is able to be expanded there, but ultimately this should be a standard feature.


+1 for making LZ resizable

I am having a similar problem. Somehow all the font in the program became very small. I cannot read it and can’t find a way to resize it. The Tracks and wave files resize, but not the program text. Please help! Thanks.

+1 for making the left zone resizeable. I am surprised that after all the updates we still can’t resize the left zone. It’s a total pain when we’re dealing with many markers.


+10 … it would be awesome to reference full names for markers at a glance

yes, I vote for resizable!