Resize Centering in MIDI editor

Doing lots on MIDI input and resizing the view with the mouse wheel on the +/- bar (lower right) will recenter the editor at the playback start bar. I’m typically editing sections beyond the the playback start bar and need to then grab that tiny little scroll bar and move the view back to my working area. It’s a significant workflow hindrance. :angry:

Anybody else feel like that?

You should learn the key commands…

SHIFT+Mouse Wheel = Scroll
CTRL+Mouse Wheel = Zoom (centered at the current cursor position)

Thanks. I’d still like the window to default to mostly future bars.

Yes. :wink:

Absolutely. I have written and complained about this sort of thing before. Nobody (and I do mean nobody) wants to edit things to the left of the cursor. By automatically positioning any edit window so that there’s lots of events to the left of the cursor visible means the data we are really interested in seeing gets short-changed.

Steinberg, please listen. People do not edit data to the left of the cursor, only to the right of the cursor. This is simple common sense.

+1 for the ability to zoom, while keeping the playback cursor close to the left side of the window.

But also, what might be useful to some, is that, as things are now: if you zoom using the scroll wheel the location of the mouse cursor is be the axis of the zoom. So if you have the mouse on the left, zoom will be centered over that spot.

+1 there… Using the cursor as the anchor for zooming would make a lot of sense. I’ve been practicing the zoom with the mouse wheel and sometimes I end up in Never Never Land…

No- I’m saying it works like that now. I edited my post so that it makes more sense!

OK… Cool… That’s useful… I do need to look a little closer before complaining… Thanks, Steve.