Resize notes from the left side in Score Editor


Currently we can use Alt + arrow left to Change the Note length from the left side. It was recalled by Martin. This one doesn’t work in the Score Editor.

It would be great if we had the added to Score Editor.

I tried to create a macro by first nudge end right and then nudge (move) right. But it does not work!

These commands are working as they should here. Are you clear on how they are meant to work, in order to set your expectations correctly? what you described would make the note longer, and also move it later.

So alt-left shortens, alt right lengthens. ctrl-left moves to the left, ctrl-right moves to the right.

If it’s really not working, double-check your assigned keystrokes, and/or start in Cubase Safe Start Mode.

On Mac they are different. Here is what I mean by resizing from left. The score editor does not do that. Martin confirmed it as well.

PS. I also found a typo here:
In the nudge category:

Left: Ctrl/Cmd-Right Arrow, it should be Cmd-Left Arrow.

Here is what I mean by resizing from left.

Was there a second link or attachment for that?

Hmm sorry. It’s strange, It did not get attached. Here it is.

So this is a macro? If not what is the exact command name in english?

The attachment shows what I mean by resizing from left. Keep the right side in tact and compressing and stretching from the left. A

That attachment is very wide ( 46 inches) I guess you need to side scroll to see the whole thing.

As you can see the score editor replicates what is done inside the Key Editor.

You’re not answering my questions, fwiw. :confused:

It is OK. I just got an email from Steinberg: they are going to submit the issue to development. Thank you.