Resizing multiple events to same location?

I don’t really know how to express this and kind of was unable to google this properly.
I want to select multiple events drag of them on the corner, press a key or something and have all selected events have the same exact end/starting point. In other words I want them so resize “absolutley” rather than “relatively”.

Does anyone know how to do that?

I’m on Cubase Version 10.0.60 Build 396 (25. Feb 2020)

To illustrate a case why i would want that: I’m sampling an instrument with multiple mics and when using the “Detect Silence” Feature the cuts are not really in the same place on all the tracks that I have. However in order to be properly used by a sampler, I need them to at least have the same starting point. Selecting them both cutting them and then resizing them is quite strainious on the amount of samples I am working with. So I’d rather just have an optional key I have to press to align both tracks to start/end in the exact same place.

I hope I described the problem accurately.
Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:


Select multiple MIDI/Audio Parts (this might not work with the Audio Events, if there is no signal), set the End value in the Info line. Hold down Ctrl/Cmd and press Enter to confirm the value. The Ctrl/Cmd modifier makes the value absolute for all selected events.

This moves the events for me, which is not quite what I want, I still want them to be synced just to start/end at the same time.

So this is the base condition:

This happens when I do your solution:

This is what i want:

Sorry i couldn’t include all the pictures in one post for whatever reason


OK, so you don’t want to move/shift the event, you want to stretch it, right? Then this is not possible to do automatically. But you can set the Snap to: Events. This will help you to align it perfectly.

Hi there :slight_smile:
Well not really, i dont want to stretch the event i just want to move the cut point to the same location, without needing to use the cut tool basically.

So I dont want it to move/shift or stretch just have a modifer, when i resize where all selected events snap so they all have the starting point without shifting information inside the audio region.

I know Logic has this kind of feature at least with midi notes in the piano roll if you press the Option/Alt-Key as demonstrated here:

(I can’t include links in the post so you would need to prefix the above with: “https://”)

I basically want this exact same feature but for audio events in Cubase.
I hope this clarifies ^^