Resizing problems in Cubase 10


We have received complaints from our customers that HOFA plugins (VST3) do not correctly work when used with Cubase 10 on macOS.
The problem is that the GUI is not completely visible (partially just back) and usable anymore as soon as a VST3 plugin window has been resized. Everything worked fine in Cubase 9 and older versions.

The problem is reproducable with resizable plugins of some other manufacturers as well! So maybe Steinberg can have a look at this issue and give a statement if they are going to fix this in Cubase.
We will also investigate if this can be fixed somehow on plugin side.

Best Regards,
Gregor Pogatzki

Hi Gregor,
this is a known issue in Cubase 10 which will be fixed in the next update.


I have seen this very same issue with Maschine 2 by Native Instruments… (using VST 3.6.9). So it’s not Cubase specific…


Hi Arne!
Do you already have any schedule, when this update will be available?

Thanks and Best Regards,

The next Cubase update with the fix will be Cubase 10.0.10 coming very soon (in the next 2 weeks i think)