Resizing the full score to fit on to a page

I’m working on a large orchestral score and need help with something basic: when I look at the full score, the overall staff size is too big to fit the number of instruments I have.

Where do I find the Dorico controls for scaling the main staff/note/etc. size downwards in order to be able to fit the full score into my page properly, while NOT changing the scaling of the individual parts, which are fine?

Thanks. I know it’s a basic question; I just can’t easily find the answer elsewhere.

Layout Options (Ctrl or Cmd-Shift-L), Page Setup. You’ll probably want a size 8, or even smaller. Note that this is a LAYOUT option, so make sure you have the intended layout selected on the right side of that dialog box.

You’ll find that “space size” is a very helpful measurement that gets used throughout your project for various sizes and distances.

PERFECT – thank you!