Resizing the Inspector?

Does anyone know if there is a way to resize the Inspector in Cubase 7? I’ve been looking all over the forums and checked the owner’s manual and have had no luck. Thank you.

Resize how?
I’m not sure if you can widen the section.
Would the Channel Settings window not be of help?


I’m just trying to make it larger in both width and height. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I’m pretty sure that it is not possible. Thank you for responding.

This would be a tremendous update. Right now we are forced to use the channel settings window to be able to read the full name of the plugin we are using because the width of the inspector window is too narrow. If use the channel settings window instead like i’ve been doing for years, the window is always open and blocks everything that you are trying to view on the screen. If the inspector window has to be always open I would love to use it but I can never tell what the names of the plugins are because they are all cut off due to the width being too narrow. Steinberg could you pretty please release an update to resize this window? Thank you thank you!

I’m also wishing the width of this could be increased… track names in Visibility section are cutoff and my immediate instinct was to grab the vertical line dividing project window from inspector to increase inspector width but it doesn’t function like that.

Don Steinberg coders or staff read these posts? If so, the Inspector window needs to be able to be resized.

Please incorporate this into an update.

Plugin names cannot be read. Ridiculous. Please fix ASAP. Thank you.