Resizing the Piano Roll zone for Expression Maps (Cubase)

Hi ! :slight_smile:

I just added expression maps to my albion one kontakt library but my issue is that when I open the piano roll to access to the articulation / dynamics section to see the expression maps it does not look how it’s supposed to !

There is a lot of space between the keyboard and the beginning of the music and none of the articulations from my expression maps are visible under the keyboard. Everythings look very small too ! I tought it would look more likely to something like this :

Thx a lot for you help ! :slight_smile:

The space between the start of the music/part and the piano roll is normal.

To see the articulations just drag the top of the articulation lane upwards and they will become visible.

I would recommend using the Key Editor in full window. Set up a key command to Open/Close Editor.
I have a programmable button on my mouse (Logitech MX518) that I use for this as I need to open and close the editor many many times in a session. Hope that helps.