Resolve missing files - export file


I’m going through some problems with files beeing renamed in a session. And I miss a “export report” with the “Resolve missing files” window. I would like to be able to export a txt report so I can copy paste names and folders from that .txt file so I can browse faster and locate the files later using windows browsers.

Now an advanced option using “locate” would be to allow nuendo to have an algorithm able to scan for best potential matches. Because sometimes the file “missing” has a "(1) that has been added or some “,” “_” “-” that have been batch changed and just by looking “closest match” could help 90% of the time.

Also beeing able to open browser directly to the “expected location” where the file is “missing” could improve the process.

Finally I realised that once a missing file is located all events using that file have it start at it’s begining where previously it might have been an other protion of the file in the event. This happen although the new file has same frequency rate and lenght. With ambiance it’s not a big deal but you have to reposition the audio within the events :stuck_out_tongue: