Resolve missing files issue

Hi all,

I have just formatted drive C: of my pc and re-installed cubase 6.

Drive D: which holds all of my projects wasnt touched.

Now i go back to open a project and i get the resolve missing files window

I resolve the audio files from the original sample pack folders but some of them i cannot, because while working on the project cubase had changed the name of the audio sample being that i imported the same audio sample more than once…like KS Drumloop-01 or Full Pad-02 -GET IT ?

Obviosly the original sample packs do not hold these renamed audio samples…so my question is WHERE CAN I FIND THESE ?

I had taken a copy of my C: drive before i formatted it so i do have all the files if needed but i guess they have to be in my D: yes!!! my projects drive!!


Usually Cubase gives the path in the “resolve missing files” box, so what does it say…?

C:\Users\Gilera\Documents\Cubase Projects\Untitled-163\Audio\KS Drumloop-01

thanks for your prompt reply buddy

So now you know where to find it…