[RESOLVED] Annoying question at launch: "Pro" or "Artist"

Hi friends,

how can I make Cubase Pro to always start with Cubase Pro, without asking me anymore, whether I want to run Cubase Pro or Cubase Artist?
I ALWAYS want to run Cubase Pro, so consider this question annoying and not necessary. Is there a way to run Pro as predeterminated?


Buy regular Cubase Pro license. The one you have is meant to be for dealers (you probably have it on a red USB-eLicenser, right?).

Another option, you have Cubase Artist license and Cubase asks you if you want to try Cubase Pro.

Hi Martin, thank you for the answer. I definitely do own a regular Cubase Pro License on a dark purple USB-eLicenser. Is there a way to run Pro as default option, without that annoying question?

Are you seeing this?

If not, could you post a pic of your elc window? (obfuscate the USB Key serial number.)

This here:

Sorry, I can’t see the picture. Am I missing something?

Not visible here either…

This is the URL image’s URL:

See it now?


And now?

Yes, can see that but that’s just the error message. Steve asked for a screen grab of the eLC window (with license numbers hidden).

Sorry, misunderstanding:

The message is called by the All Applications license, which is not a common reseller license. How does it get into your USB-eLicenser?

It’s very strange that a license of Avenger Production Suite ends up on the e-licenser. Even more because it doesn’t use one?!
But besides that it still doesn’t explain why you get the choice of Pro or Artist? Do or did you have an installation of Artist before Pro? If so it might help to remove Artist and all traces of it?


Cubase Pro and Artist is only one vinery/executable file. Only the license decides. So even if you installed “Cubase Artist”, you have installed Cubase Pro in fact. And you can’t install Cubase Artist only and keep Cubase Pro. It’s the same installation.

Yes if course! It’s determined by the active license on the elicencer. But somewhere it must detect an ‘Artist’ license? Maybe a reactivation of the pro license will help?

Martin explained already why this is…the OP has an “all application” license as well as his pro license.

I believe the Vengeance production suite requires USB elicenser and Avenger that you show the FAQ from is just one synth that is part of that suite.


When did you activate the Pro license?

May be worth trying to run elicenser control as admin and running maintenance to see if it clears it…but you may just need to run Cubase over the 25 hour period so the all application license expires.