Resolved: AskNet stumble with PayPal

Today I purchased the Nashville drum kits for GA5. I was sent to AskNet to finalize the payment. So at checkout I opted to use PayPal for payment (something I have done since they allowed PP) and I clicked on ‘pay’ (in the PP window) and was then returned to the AskNet checkout page. Waiting for me was a pinkish message outlined in red that said there was a critical error with my payment. Really? OK, so I clicked to try the payment again - and this time everything went OK. So I waited an hour or two and no key code was sent to my email address. However, an hour after that an email arrives from AskNet wanting to know if I really wanted to buy the Nashville program X2…? What? So I responded to that email explaining that, no, I did not need two (2) Nashville programs and that AskNet had sent me back to PP to pay (I would discover) a 2nd time.

Well, I can assume that the email that AskNet sent was computer generated because, now 9 hours later, I still haven’t received an email with the key code. I also checked my PP account and see that there are still two identical $59 payments made to AskNet, so a refund hasn’t been initiated as of yet.

Has anybody else had a similar problem using PP for an AskNet payment? This is a first for me.

Well, today I received a follow up email from the Steinberg Online Shop. First thing stated was “1. NAME CHANGE: asknet AG is now called Nexway AG since 16.07.2019”. Really? My PayPal account still lists the two charges to my account sent to Asknet, not Nexway. 10 months later and the Asknet company name still exists with PayPal.

However I did receive my code key for Nashville, and the invoice indicated a single charge of $59. Good news! BUT the DOUBLE CHARGE is still on my PayPal account. It must take some time to back up a train as large as the company that PP still lists as Asknet. ??

Nexway refunded my double charge for the Nashville sound samples, I’m all good at this point.