[RESOLVED] Can't upgrade to WaveLab Pro from WaveLab Elements


I waited patiently for the big cyber week sale for months and I’m now trying to upgrade to WaveLab Pro from WaveLab Elements 11.1.

The problem is with payment. I’m the customer from Russia but I have Pyypl account with virtual MasterCard card.

At Steinberg Shop now there is no “Russian Federation” field for billing address so I tried to use my Qwintry post address in Germany and my relatives address in Ukraine where I used to live in the past.

After confirming my order I have OTP from the bank but after entering it on the next screen in the Steinberg Shop it says that my transaction was declined by bank. I don’t even see transaction attempt in my transactions list.

I double checked CVV, card number, holder name, OTPs, card balance and the only thing I’m in doubt with is my billing address. My Pyypl account is registered to my home address and post code in Russia.

Can the mismatching billing address cause the problem? If so could you please return Russian Federation to the list of countries in Steinberg Shop? Here in Russia we actually have some legit methods to pay the bills. Not as many but still we have.

Thank you for reading and for your attention.

P.S. I’m also using my private VPN server with IP address in Germany, Steinberg Shop at some stage declines purchase attempt from Russian IP.

Well, I just got a reply from asknet:

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the European Union has adopted restrictive measures, including economic sanctions on several Russian financial institutions and individuals. For this reason asknet, like many other European companies, is forced to suspend our services to Russia for the unforeseen future.

Nothing new actually, though I didn’t see myself in sanctioned lists. Not in any of them.

Well, I also contacted Yamaha support, my bank support, don’t know where else to go with my question. Love Steinberg so don’t want to switch to other competitors products and I don’t want to downgrade my mindset to return to the times of some pirated stuff and something like that. :frowning:

UPDATE. Asknet contacted me again and provided me with some good news and told that at least my card isn’t banned in their system and the problem is on the payment provider’s side. So the quest continues!.. While my money is stuck somewhere in Sweetwater which accepted my transaction for WaveLab purchase but told me that something about my order did not verify correctly and there is a delay in delivering my software. :slight_smile:

Finally got the download access code. Now I’m experiencing another difficuilty, the code is for upgrading from WaveLab Elements 7+ with eLicenser but I’ve already updated my license to 11.1 Elements with Steinberg Licensing. What is my upgrade path? (probably I should start a new topic, didn’t find similar in the search)

Please contact Asknet again for a refund. That code is unfortunately not going to work.

It’s from Sweetwater

Guess I missed that part. In this case, I believe you should contact your local Yamaha/Steinberg distributor.

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Thank you. Already wrote them a letter, waiting for reply. Just saw many times how good some troubles resolved here on forums, that’s why decided to ask here for help :slight_smile:

I hope I’ll be lucky enough and return to this topic with the message that my adventure of purchasing and activation is finished and I’ll become a new happy user of WaveLab Pro :slight_smile:

But for now… I think I need to put stress fader down and the upcoming event at AES UK with Ian Shepherd is fantastic way to do it!

No luck :frowning:

Waited for 2 long days for the answer and at Yamaha Music Russia support they just told me they can’t help me with it and the best I can do is to try to make a refund at the store. Just… Why I switched to Steinberg Licensing so early? Wouldn’t have such problem now if didn’t do that :frowning: I’m lost…

Is there a way to revert temporarily to eLicenser from Steinberg Licensing?

I purchased upgrade from WaveLab Elements 7-10 to WaveLab Pro 11.1 from Sweetwater. When I try to activate download access code it forces me to go to eLCC but none of my licenses on it can be upgraded. I have “WaveLab Elements 11 (Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing)” on my USB eLicenser but I can’t select this option in eLCC when I try to activate my download access code.

Any way to activate eLCC DAC when I already switched to Steinberg Licensing?

I contaced my local Yamaha Music support but they answered that they can’t help me with that issue. I’m lost :frowning:

That’s not possible. And if the upgrade you purchased was “WaveLab Elements 7-10 to WaveLab Pro 11.1”, then it wouldn’t have worked anyway, using Steinberg Licensing or not. You need to purchase the upgrade from Wavelab Elements 11.1 to Pro 11.1.

Have you contacted Sweetwater about purchasing the wrong upgrade yet?

Didn’t yet. Unfortunately they don’t even have the right option (only upgrade from 7-10 as said on their website) and I don’t know if I have a chance to purchase with Asknet or Thomann as I had troubles with them recently (from where I started the original topic).

Also on their website in Tech Specs stated: “Upgrade from Elements 7 or higher”. Taking into account that it’s the only option in their store I didn’t even think that I could have issues with it.

This is ridiculous that nowadays it’s easier to get the version from “p2p” than to get it fairly and support the developers :frowning:

Well, reached out to my sales manager at Sweetwater and he opened the case with support. Waiting for their answer and hoping for the best.

While I’m doing that here are screenshots of what I have now.

Upgrade to WaveLab Pro 11 in eLCC:

Screen where it can’t find suitable license to upgrade:

Licenses in Steinberg Activation Manager:

Finally! With the help of support it’s now finally worked out!

While I was chatting with Sweetwater support, Yamaha Music Russia reached me and we found the solution to this issue.

I know nothing about Steinberg / Sweetwater / Yamaha Music Russia intercommunication, but… Thank you all guys (and ladies) who helped me with it.

That’s time to chill a little bit. I had enough stress in this month not only with that case so it’s a good time to have a little bit of relaxing.

As I wrote in one of my previous comments here… I’m lucky to join WaveLab Pro users family. I hope I’ll do the best I can with it.

Thanks everyone and especially thank you @Romantique_Tp for your support, your replies and suggestions in this topic.



Hi there mcdebugger…
I have exactly the same problem here in Australia.
Can you please advise me of the solution you found?
Thank you very much.
Ian Mason

Hope you got my previous…

Hi Ian!

My local Yamaha support have reached me and helped with resolving of the issue. They provided me working download access code so I was able to activate and upgrade the license.

I think you can contact the store where you’ve purchased your upgrade and of course also your local Steinberg / Yamaha support. You can find contacts here on this page: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206530864

For Australia it’s listed under Other countries section, here’s direct link to that page: Become a Steinberg Reseller | Steinberg

Look for Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd in the list.

I hope you’ll find the solution. Please feel free to write new messages in this topic when you’ll have some updates.