[resolved] File opens in default monitor.

In Dorico 2, when I had a file open and saved it in my large external monitor, when I reopened it it would open in that same monitor.
In Dorico 3, when I reopen it after saving it in the external monitor, it reopens in the smaller default monitor (built into my laptop).
It would be nice to have the Dorico 2 behavior. Can that be accomplished in Dorico 3?


There’s no change in this regard in Dorico 3. You should find that the position and size of windows is being saved and restored in the same way as the previous version.

Well then, I’m doing or have done something wrong, because every time I open a file, it opens on the laptop’s own monitor, regardless of where it was when I last saved it or last worked on it.


On my Windows desktop, the Steinberg hub and Dorico launch onto whichever monitor my mouse is in when they start up.

If I click the icon to launch Dorico on one monitor and immediately move the mouse to the other one, Dorico starts where the mouse ends up, not where I launched it from.

I don’t usually save projects that have multiple windows open on both monitors, so I don’t know what happens in that situation.

Rob and Daniel–

I just did some experimenting. Rob-- my mouse location at launching Dorico has the same effect yours does. That is, if the mouse is in the external monitor, that’s where the Hub opens. But the file itself still opens in the laptop’s own monitor. In fact, the file opens in the laptop’s own monitor no matter what other variables there are. Quitting Dorico in between saving and re-opening doesn’t matter. Opening another file in between doesn’t matter. In fact, if I have a file open on my external monitor, resized, etc., and I save the file and immediately reopen it without doing anything else at all, it opens in the default (laptop’s own) monitor, back at original default size.

Daniel-- I just ran the same experiment in Dorico 2. Files re-open where (and at the window size) they were when I saved them. In Dorico 3 they do not. Perhaps it’s a quirk of this external monitor, I don’t know, but the behavior between Dorico 2 and 3 is not the same in this regard.


Could the new version of Qt be affecting this?

Derek, I have no idea whether Qt was involved in the situation or not, but suddenly this issue has resolved itself, seemingly as a result of solving another unrelated issue which is described in another thread about layout sizes. Following the directions Daniel gave me for solving that has also solved this, strangely, though I have no idea how they could be related to each other.