[RESOLVED]Groove Agent 4 Installation Error

Hi guys,
your help please. I thought long and hard about this purchase. After watching the the promo videos I thought yeah.

So, I downloaded the DVDs in ISO and proceeded to install. However, I got an installation error that said a file was missing, this file: FCP_SMT_138_Groove_Agent.vstsound Of course I manually searched for it and it is not there. I clicked the cancel button and got an error dialogue box that said : Fatal Error, Error Code 1603

This is incredibly frustrating. :imp: You do not expect a file to be missing on a new purchase!

Anyone had the same or similar problem?

Thanks for reading

Hi Fuzzbox,

Error Code 1603 means that you do not have enough space on your hard drive to install the application.

Please make sure that you have more than 9GB of free hd space.

Thanks for your reply Matthias. :slight_smile:

That seems strange as I have 77GB free. I’m not at the PC right now but will check when I get in the studio in a few hours. However, what about the missing file, FCP_SMT_138_Groove_Agent.vstsound :question: Could the error code related to that as well :question: The file is not on the disks. So, if I install Groove Agent 4 will it not require the missing file anyway and subsequently fail installation :question:

Thanks for reading… :slight_smile:

Have you mounted both discs at once? Could please try to mount only the first DVD and then mount the second DVD when the installer asks you to insert DVD2?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Matthias hi,
it is not an inconvenient :slight_smile:

No I have used only the two DVDs in order. I purchase my Groove Agent 4 from another vendor and they issued me with the download instructions and code. Apparently, they should have waited a week. They have told me to wait until Thursday or Friday to update me with the new codes - whatever that means :wink: they have told me that they have made the mistake allowing purchases of GA4 on their website too early and are waiting for new confirmation codes, etc from Steinberg. Hence the request for me to wait.

I will try again on Friday, to see if receive the updated files. :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help Matthias, I’ll post with my result in a day or so.

Dear FuzzboxUK, Dear Users,

Also the Windows Security Update KB 2918614 can be a reason for the error 1603.
You can uninstall this update by opening the “Control Panel > Programs and Features > View installed updates”.

Have a look for the the entry KB 2918614 > rightclick > uninstall!

After a reboot, the error might not appear again.


Hi guys,
Thanks for your replies.
Well, one of the reasons why my music PC is not connected to the internet is unwanted updates. :wink: I have no need for virus checkers or security updates as I don’t surf the net. It just means that I have to transfer file by USB. A slight inconvenience but worth it. :slight_smile: The PC runs faster with no virus checker!

As for the GA4 problem. It turns out the vendor I purchased GA4 from should not have advertised it on their website for another few weeks. Apparently, Steinberg have to send authorisation codes to the vendor to allow them to sell the product. After two weeks of waiting they have gave me a full refund. :smiley:

I will now purchase Groove Agent 4 from Steinberg at the weekend and see how that goes.

Thanks for reading ♫♪♫

Hi guys,
I have been given my money back so I can consider this issue closed.