[Resolved]Halion 5 content all gone

All of my H5 library content is not showing anymore. Just the H2-SE install bits. Even the “All libraries” one is gone. Did a disk rescan, but that didn’t bring them back … Any ideas?

EDIT: See the instructions further on down.

Aloha J, and WOW!

It is post like this one that scare the poop out of me.
(and because it is you as a user, this really scares me)

1-Do you think the C7.5 installation caused those H5 files to be erased from the drive?
(I don’t wanna believe that)

2-Could an app like ‘Grand Perspective’ (or a PC equivalent) help locate them?

3-Can you re-install from a back-up?
(kludgy, but may work)

After all the posts I have read today
(some installations were flawless while others were a real snafu.)
I will be waiting here ‘long time’, before climbing on board this starship.

And I really hope there is an easy resolution to this/your issue.

Good Luck mon ami!


Same problem here. Missing in 7.06 as well. Too late tonight to try to fix but this isn’t good! Everything else went smooth tho and so far I like the update a lot in the short time I played around.

edit: Just opened Halion Sonic and all the sounds are there.

I assume this is not a complaint? I know I wouldn’t be complaining…


Can you browse to the folder? Is the content still there?

Good thing I never liked Halion. I have too much invested (literally and figuratively) in Kontakt to feel the need to use another sampler. I wouldn’t use it even if it came free with Cubase.

hmmm … let disk scan run all night. Nuthin. Content is in the folder still though, so that’s not the problem. Also, all of my mediabay customizations are still showing like library names. I’m not sure if I have to import sounds or what?

Bet your symbolic link has been broken by the 7.5 installer… It did it to mine but I just copied the new stuff into the correct folder and recreated the link.

I have windows, no symbolic link.

I’m sure you’ve tried this, but it’s not just the Reset Filter button that needs clicking is it? [<<]

no, because the only choices for content are the 4 HS2-SE content headers. You can’t reset it to “all”. That’s actually the problem. Look at the first picture I posted. That is where you select the top level filter. A very weird oddity in H5 and HS now.

Apologies but your post of Oct 17th suggested otherwise.

Re: How to move your HALion content.

Postby JMCecil » Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:39 pm

I have mine set up with the symlink. You have to move the entire folder tree so that when you link the only folder with that name is the symlink folder. It works perfect here. I think you needed to move one folder down. and put the symlink there with the name of the folder you moved.

oh you mean my content symlink that I made. Yes MINE are fine. I thought you meant the installer was creating one.

Again, H5 still loads the content just fine if I do it from Media Bay. It’s just the H5 browser that doesn’t have the high level filters.

Again apologies, should have understood the problem better.
Indeed its an odd one. Checked mine and its fine.

No problems man, anything that might lead to a solution is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to consider the problem.

Dear JMCecil,

This issue is related to the installation.
You can choose between “install for all users” and single user installation during the installation process.
I think you did the installation for Halion 5 for “all” users but didn`t do that for Cubase.
Depending on which installation procedure you have choosen, the content will be saved in differen locations.

Please have a look at these directories:



Please make sure that you got in both folders the same content.
Please keep in mind that booth directories are hidden.

:question: How to see hidden files:



thanks, I’ll take a look. Will simply moving the content solve the problem or is there registry entry issues to resolve?

Hi JMCecil,

I do not think that you have to work your way through the registry.
Moving the content should do the job.



Thanks Jan!, it helped in my case. But all this brings me to question. is there any possibility to have simply dedicated sample drive. Right now is that data of one program is scattered thru all system and really hard tgo keep track on things. Point is, when system disk dies or I need to do clean install I have all sample settind safely on different disk.

Yep, that did the trick. I’m a bit surprised as I re-installed the HS2 data with the “all users” checkbox. But, anyhow copying the pngs has indeed brought my library filters back to life. Thank you.

Great thread!

Tanx guys. (as a mac user I love learning PC stuff)