Resolved:Trouble Using External Midi Keyboard

Cubase 5
Nektar Impact lx49 Midi keyboard
Windows 7
Toshiba Satellite A665

I recently was working with a friend of mine who was having trouble connecting his external midi keyboard (Nektar Impact LX 49). No matter what changes we made we could not get any midi input from the keyboard. What added to the confusion was a program we used called MidiOX. Where MidiOx captured midi data being transmitted, Cubase 5 registered no activity. The resolution was simply to use another USB port on the computer (Toshiba Satellite A665).

During our research we read that the midi communication was not that complex and that some had found they overthought the troubleshooting process (for example complete reloads). I wanted to share our results so that others would not overlook this possibility and go to such extremes as reloading software before simply switch the USB port.