[Resolved] Use midi controller to activate macro

On Cubase 13, I don’t find the way to use a midi controller to activate a macro.
I know how to create macro, I know how to create a Midi Remote Controller but i don’t know how to do the link between the two.

I saw on a video it is possible but in a previous version of Cubase.

Any idea please ?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can assign any Key Command by using MIDI Remote. Do you use the MIDI Remote Assistant, or do you write a script?

Thank you :slight_smile:

And thanks for your answer I found my way !

I didn’t think a macro was considerate as a Key Commands;.
I use the Midi Remote Assistant, first time using it, it’s a great tool !

Have a nice day


In the Mapping Assistant open the Function Browser, open the Key Commands > Macro and find your Macro name.