Resolved: Wavelab 9 - no Sound with UR824

Hello everyone,

I am going to work me in Wavelab 9 a … get at the moment but no sound out.

My monitor hanging on the UR824 - Mix 3L / R, which I have set under Preferences / VST Connections.
Front link = Mix 3 L
Right front = Mix 3 R
Under Cubase runs all
Under Wavelab I then loaded a file and play - but nothing comes to the outputs. I have loaded a stereo wav. Master level kicks off when I start the file.

If I as an audio device sets instead of Steinberg Asio the Windows MME, the sound comes from the PC soundcard output.


Resolved - The fast and competent team viewer support of Felipe Garcia:
The mistake was that in the control panel of Steinberg UR 824 -> dspMixFx UR824 the master controller was muted.

While Cubase all Interface “claws” and almost all of the settings in dspMixFx UR824 NOT be considered Wavelab works differently: It does sound a DAW on the input of the mixing console and keep all the settings of the mixer into consideration.

Thanks for the quick help. :slight_smile: