Resolving issues with crashes, stalls, in Cubase 12, Windows 10

Finally, Cubase 12 and Windows 10 have come to an agreement on my desktop.
O Happy Day!

Here’s what I did:

  • Committed to using my desktop as an audio processing tool. Internet use, emailing, Word processing, graphic design programs all have to be turned off and out of the startup process. Searched for web pages to discover how to remove programs from being part of starting up, like Skype; in fact any program that connects to the internet should not be in the startup file. There are ways to connect back up via shortcuts when you close down the audio/midi sessions for the day. Even if they’re not utilized, being a connection to the program is in the startup, means the system is creating interrupt dialogs to go check on them. Cause for crashes right there. Adobe updater and other software updating programs in particular must be taken out.

  • Here are some tips from Universal Audio " How To Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10", so you may have sunny days and smooth sailing with your audio interface. Even if you don’t have a UA device, best to follow these instructions scrupulously. Start with disabling fast start up- to follow the instructions here (again for Windows 10) search for the control panel behind the scenes.

  • Windows Optimization - Optional Settings, again from UA and a repeat, in part, of some of the instructions given earlier. The most important thing here is that your sample rate for all of your programs must be scrupulously examined to be certain it’s the same for each plug-in, DAW and those applications that are closed while you’re in audio processing mode. If the DAW is set at 96k sample rate and your plug-in does not have that capability, it makes sense there will be problems arising.

Hope this helps.



Great info here. I think it important to emphasize the OP’s salient mention of disabling startup items. There are tools out there, the SysInternals package from Microsoft, or the commercial CC Cleaner product, which will allow you to temporarily disable startup items. Another thing to do is to make sure that unnecessary services are not running as well. You do not want Cortana running, File History enabled, OneDrive or Dropbox and so on.

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I would add one thing though that should be mandatory for all computer tweaking tips - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :wink:
Especially don’t follow blindly advice you found on the internet. Even DAW vendors have been know to give wrong tips at times. Some tips do not apply to every system.
And if you have problems, only change one variable at a time and then test, else you never know what caused the issues.
And always be sure how you can roll back your changes.
Just my 2c…

The whole point is that things were broken.! And look at all the people saying that they have issues.
This is not ‘blind’ information.
It’s information put out by Universal Audio and Microsoft. It is specific information to address a particular issue.
They maybe know a thing or two about the topic.
I clearly stated all that in my posting and the changes worked to fix a broken situation for me.
Here’s a link from Microsoft addressing the issue of one change at a time.
Thanks for listening.