Resource usage 44.1 v 48

This isn’t a problem as such, just a quick query.
My new studio machine is a 3950 with 64 Meg of memory and two very fast SSD’s, so clearly it has some oomph.

I’ve got a project with about 10 tracks so far and just out of interest I tried changing from my normal 44.1.
According to the cubase resource meter thingy I’m using about 15% of available resources, however on 48 that drops dramatically to only about 5% on both the blue and green lines.

Now obviously I’ve got loads of resource room so I’m not sweating these figures but I just wondered is this the normal behaviour?
Do projects generally run leaner in 48 as opposed to 44.1?

no that shouldn’t make any sense. 44.1 should use less ram and cpu then 48.1 from everything I know.

I remember when I switched from 44.1 to 48 khz some 1000+ moons ago I would notice a small increase in cpu use