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I have been using cubase for a couple of months, and although I feel like I am creating great beats and chord progression, it doesn’t quite sound professional yet. I listed to people like deadmau5 and avicii and their sound quality is so much better (mastering?) and they have so many little things that they do in their tracks that it really makes a big difference.

Just wanted to ask, is there a good resource where one can learn to get REALLY good at cubase? I mean like professional level, any books, courses or people that are recommended?

Just thought to ask thank you in advance


of course, it’s necessary to know process in the Cubase, but this is more about mixing and mastering technique, I think. There are some online courses of Cubase: PointBlank, MacProVideo, BerkleeMusic, SAE…


Echoing Martin here. Most important is to learn Audio Engineering/producing, not operating Cubase. Cubase is just a tool. You don’t learn how to pain Mona Lisa by learning paintbrush usage techniques.

To become a good engineer/producer is a long process. No shortcuts there. It may take years to master your skills. Of course there’s literature, videos, etc which may speed up the process. Lots of them. Some are better than others. Be careful with online videos (YouTube etc), though. There’s no any guarantee on quality of their content. Some are excellent but some even teach you bad habits.

thanks! Those resources are really helpful much appreciated!

I found many RSO Tutorials - to be excellent.

You can get samples of them on Youtube and there are a couple on their site.

I highly recommend the Compressor Masterclass tutorial, to gain a detailed understanding of one of the most important professional mixing tools for audio reproduction.

Compared to the cost of College Tuition, these courses are a deal both in cost and quality and you can choose what area you want to focus on.

All of the RSO tutorials use Cubase.


sorry, the link doesn’t work. Can you check the address, please? I’m interested in too. :wink:


Btw just if someone else is looking for good info, I started with macprovideo, they charged 25 bucks per month for full access to all their stuff. I’m going through a 90 video (theyre short) tutorial on mastering and then theres more for general cubase 6.

I’ll go through the others too, but already learning tons of good stuff thanks for the help!

Hi Martin,

The link to recordingschoolonline works for me.


to go directly to the tutorials.

Hi Ulesto,

It doesn’t work to me again. The first one was .com, this is .biz. I have this message on the web:

You don’t have permission to access /homerecording/ on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.