Respect The Artist

One of my Farcebook fiends posted this image. I thought it was well-worded and worth sharing.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment…


Let’s face it, the only reason most people pay 5 bucks for coffee is because they can’t get it for free.

If it turned out there was a little spigot around the back of every Starbucks connected to where they bulk-stored coffee, where you could surreptitiously go and get a refill any time you wanted, I bet you the lines inside would pretty soon disappear.

The comfy seats inside, the repartee with the barista and the nice vibe of a busy coffee shop are equivalent to the CD, the liner notes and the artwork that illegal downloaders have decided they can live without.

I used to think that, but our company provides coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider etc… for free. And they have those pod single cup coffee makers. A ton of people buy their own single serving pods, instead of just pooring a cup of the free stuff sitting right there.
Boggles my mind :open_mouth:

Because the pod stuff is better?

To push the analogy further, (probably too far :slight_smile: * ) The free stuff is the half assed lame encoded 128K MP3, and fresh-roast, fresh-ground fresh-brewed stuff is the 24 bit master.

(and the coffee pod is the fresh-ground stuff after the mastering engineer has had his wicked way with it)

*I should admit here to being a self-confessed coffee-snob, who grinds his own beans and makes fresh coffee in his own espresso machine, and finds all instant and most percolated stuff undrinkable

In general, respect is on the endangered species list. People need to teach their children traditional manners, that will preserve some modicum of respect going forward. We are proud of our kids and theirs too. :sunglasses:

How coarse for CDs?