Respell Note Grouping off Beat

I have imported an xml file from Logic. In this project I have many rhythmic figures that do not start on the beat, an I would like to have them written like the bottom staff of the attachment.

I tried all the Notes Grouping Options but it seems they don’t affect this kind of grouping. I can change the duration with force duration but I have to do it manually every time this rhythm occurs. Is there an option I am missing? and is there a quick shortcut to apply force duration on prewritten notes?


You will indeed have to use Force Duration, I’m afraid: Dorico won’t allow this rhythm because it follows the principle that it needs to show two out of three subdivisions of the compound beat, and the dotted eighth notation you want to use violates that principle. Sorry for the inconvenience!

You might find it helpful to copy and paste bars in which that rhythm has been notated according to your preferences, then use the Lock Durations tool to repitch the notes to the appropriate new pitches for the pasted location.

Thank you Daniel for the explanation. I think most of the time Dorico makes the right decision (in terms of rhythmic grouping) and all the options already included work in most of the situations. So for this reason, I think Dorico is going in the right direction and is already a step ahead compared to other scoring software.
My only concern is that rhythms like the one I presented, are extensively used in contemporary writing (my example is actually taken from the music of a contemporary ballet) where meters like 6/8 are also used as crotchet + quaver for the compound beat. I think it would be interesting to have an option that allows Dorico to interpret “classical” meters in modern writing style…for instance, something like “meter grouping”. This, I think, would be useful for people that write directly in Dorico, and also for those who import xml files from their daw.
Thank you again for your answer