Respell to key

Hello friends,
Is there a way to make Dorico respell to a chosen key signature?
E.g. if I in a given key manually have put in some notes, that does not belong to the key, and would be interested in how Dorico would interpret them in relations to the key.
Hope it makes sense!
Thank you.

If you have a D major key signature and input a G#, Dorico will show an accidental for it. Dorico won’t show accidentals on individual notes when their accidental is included in the key signature.

If you specify the pitch and accidental yourself, I don’t think Dorico will prevent you e.g. having a flattened note in a sharp key signature.

However, if you’re inputting using a MIDI piano keyboard, obviously keys can be interpreted in different ways; Dorico by default does contextual respelling based on what you input, preferring sharps in sharp keys and when phrases are rising, and flats in flat keys and when phrases are falling.

If instead you mean you changed the key signature for a passage and wanted the notes to change with it, you can either transpose the whole selection (key signature included) or use the note tools popover in Dorico 4 to map pitches or scales.

Hi Lillie,
Thank you for responding!
I can see that I didn’t express myself clearly.
Let’s say I, manually, had written in a Ab in the key of D and was curious if Dorico would it interpret it different in relation to the key (which it probably would in this case, G#). Is there a way to make Dorico ‘respell’ in reference to contextual spelling.
The above example is pretty obvious but for me, being a fan of chromaticism, it is sometimes more complex. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Dorico 4 has a new respell automatically function which should respell an Ab in a D major key signature to G#.

Thank you, once again! :slight_smile: