Respell using note name above and respell using note name below

This is a minor gripe but…

Do other people find, like me, that the wording of the Respell feature is unhelpful?

‘Respell using note name above’ and ‘Respell using note name below’ are just confusing. I get the wrong one every single time, despite trying to train myself. It’s because ‘above’ suggests ‘high’, which suggests ‘sharp’, and ‘below’ suggests ‘low’ which suggests ‘flat’.

But it’s the other way around.

Why not instead just word it in a (sometimes) inaccurate but more intuitive way:

‘Respell using sharps’ and ‘Respell using flats’ ?

What if C-flat needs to be B instead? What if E-sharp needs to be F instead? Etc., Etc.

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This also messed me up for awhile, but I have gotten used to it and I use it all the time.


I agree, it is counter-intuitive. I simply reversed the keyboard shortcuts, very early on, and now I’m satisfied.

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Me too. I get it wrong almost every time. But if I used it more often I would get it right. I don’t think it matters much what it it called.
I do like the idea of thinking “use flats” for the left key and “use sharps” for the right key, even if that is not precisely accurate in every single case.