Respelling single notes

It appears that if I want to respell notes here and there, I have to go through a series of clicks to do it. Sibelius has a great system where you can just cycle through the alternate spellings by hitting ‘enter’ on the highlighted note. This also worked for chord symbols too. It’s so quick and convenient.
Is there any such feature on Dorico Pro4, because I sure can’t find it if there is? And, if there isn’t, could you please make this a feature in a future update? The way you have it right now is really clumsy and slows the work flow down considerably.
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I imagine that the current system has been thought out with other tonal systems in mind; micro-tones and all those thousands of accidentals that litter the SMuFL tables. :grin:

For standard tonality, there’s 4 different possibilities – and assuming you don’t want double sharps or flats, then you’re going to be holding Alt and tapping - or = once or twice.

I’d also welcome a simple ‘rotating’ shortcut.
One of the things that still throws me off after years of using Dorico: + (on the = key) adds a sharp, and - adds a flat, which is perfect, but Alt/Option-+ moves the note up, adding more flats, and Alt/Option-minus moves it down, adding more sharps

I would like to suggest more fine-grained options for allowed accidentals:

  • allow single accidentals only (say, until early baroque, and lots of relatively simple music after that), maybe even limiting it to prefer B flat over A sharp etc.
  • allow double accidentals (general tonality, vast majority of music from the last few centuries)
  • allow triple accidentals (extremely rare, for Alkan and a few others)
  • different flavours of atonality (mostly not using double accidentals)
  • microtonality, in many different incarnations, modal, tonal, atonal.

Of course the rotating shortcut should follow these restrictions, reducing the number of keystrokes needed.

(Pet peeve: I would love to see the use of triple accidentals abolished altogether, or at least not to have to encounter them in anything I’m working on.)

Well, micro tones do not concern me but I’m very happy with the solution you offered. Pressing two buttons is just fine and I’ll soon get used to it.

Appreciate your help.

There is also the “Respell Notes Automatically” function, which you might find useful, as a means of keeping a selected passage within a particular tonality.

Also, one of Dorico’s great strengths is that you can set or change key shortcuts for any commands that you use frequently to make them easier.

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Ah, really? I hoped that was possible but I hadn’t found a way of doing it. Could you advise on where to go so I can do that? Thanks. :blush:

See here:

And here:

On my wishlist would be an “enharmonic respell” icon next to the current accidental button icons on the left sidebar. Probably this new icon would be to the left of the existing icons. And the existing accidental icons should be ordered in chromatic order, b n # rather than the way they are graphically ordered now.

There are buttons to respell notes using either the next note above/below in the toolbar for the Keyboard panel.