Rest consolidation question

Someone posted a question/problem on the Facebook group, and I thought it might be an idea to post here as well.

this is the original Facebook group post

they have voice 1 with an 8th note triplet and voice two with straight 8ths.
both 8th note groups (voice 1 and voice 2) begin with a rest.

He (and I can confirm) noticed that Dorico was consolidating those two first rests, despite their having different note values (one is an 8th in a triplet, the other a straight 8th)

Is Dorico supposed to by default consolidate rests in this manner, when the rests are not of equal value?

1st image is Carl’s original image, the 2nd image was my solution after I moved the straight 8th rest down using the lower zone options.


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I have had the same issue, solved in the same way.

Thank you for posting @Michel_Edward
It is indeed a quick fix, but might not be the ideal behaviour as it is very easy to overlook.