Rest placement in 2 voices

In these bars the first rest is vertically offset;

This happens because the rest tries to “follow” he melody. If the G is raised 2 steps, the rest is placed in the “normal” position.
Can this be turned off locally?

When trying to move the rest (with Rest Pos) I get this result;

which looks ok at first, until I try to move the rest in 2nd voice too with Rest Pos

This seems odd.

Naturally I can just remove the rest from 2nd voice, but I’m curious of
– if the “follow melody” can be turned off, and
– if the rest with “raised” dot is actually correct notation.


Could you share the project, or a cut-down version comprising the relevant bars if that still demonstrates the issue?

You might also find changing options in Notation Options > Voices and > Rests produces a better result automatically too.

The reason you end up with duplicate rhythm dots is that you’re graphically overlaying two separate rests on top of each other. By default, Dorico consolidates identical rests in separate voices at the same rhythmic position (that’s one of the Notation Options referred to above). Forcing the position of one of these consolidated rests prompts Dorico to show both (a useful way of having the Notation Option consolidate by default, with the ability to override locally if needed).

Rather than overlaying rests, try removing rests and see whether that’s better.

Demo_Rest_placement.dorico (769.7 KB)

Yes, removing 2nd voice rest solves it. The consolidating function works well in most cases, but should it default to this vertical position in this case where there are free space above?

Can the dot actually move on a rest? I’ve never seen it before.