Rest positioning

What is happening to the rests here?
Also attempted to transpose this sequence a bit up and down, and sometimes the rests position correctly, mostly not. The transposed part looks ok.

I tried the same thing and it does not behave this way on my system…

I’m also unable to reproduce the effect you show in your .gif.

It’s pretty odd… If I save the file, close and reopen it, the problem is gone.

If I then add another player (Clarinet) and enter the same music, the same error appears in that instrument. If I then add yet another instrument, the clarinet immediately corrects itself, while entering the same music in the last added instrument still produces the error.

So adding an instrument and undoing it immediately, solves the problem. It’s 100% reproducible here, maybe someone could try it on Windows…

EDIT: the rest placement also immediately corrects itself if I change the default space for a quarter note. The problem does not come back if I undo this change…