Rest subdivision question

Very tricky copying job here. Dvorak, in his infinite wisdom, writes this very intricate, anticipated rhythm using a 1/64 rhythm. See below:

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 12.22.52 PM

I need to copy and transcribe up BUT I do not know how to reset the rhythmic notation of rests to make it look like the original copy. It keeps reverting the rests into a dotted 16th rest. Which I suppose still works but it is not how the original is written.

Is there a way to update the rest notation?

I think you need to input implicit rests with force duration active.
o for force duration and , for rests. Then any pitch to enter the rests.


I tried using forced duration, but it still reverted to the dotted 16th. Maybe I did something wrong.

Nevermind, using the hotkeys did the trick. Thank you!

If this is consistent in the flow (i.e. rests never appear with rhythm dots), change the relevant Notation Option - if you have Dorico Pro.

Edit: although, perhaps not = I just gave it a quick try and Iā€™m not sure you can achieve that using the default options. Disallowing rhythm dots for rests and setting the maximum number of rhythm dots (on the Note Grouping page) gets you closer, but with the rests the other way around to your desired result.

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