Rest symbol in Lyrics

Hi everyone,
How can I insert rest symbols in Lyrics?

@dan_kreider , could he use MusGlyphs for this?

Well that’s a tricky one, because in Dorico, you use one font for each type of lyric (verse, chorus, translation), and usually those types won’t lie on the same line. I’d say system [Edit] noooo staff text with Bravura text or MuseGlyph should do, and some engraving in Engrave mode.

I literally did this two days ago with MusGlyphs. Staff text and move it in Engrave mode.


There are only two other options I can think of:

  • Create a playing technique
  • place it that way or take the PDF into a program like Affinity Publisher and drag a copy of an extant rest from a stave into place.

In this case, since it appears to be a first ending, why would it have a second line of lyrics?


You don’t need to purchase and use MusGlyphs for this. You can do it using regular staff-attached text and the new dialog to insert music symbols into text items introduced in Dorico 4:

You can then move the resulting text item in Engrave mode. (You may also find it helpful to deactivate the Avoid collisions property for the text item, so that it doesn’t cause other items to move out of its way.)


Yes, this new functionality does supersede MusGlyphs for many things. I should also add that MusGlyphs is free, and most people opt to not donate, which is fine. So it’s still a helpful tool to have, and since it’s free, you don’t have to choose between feeding your cats and typing groovy musical symbols into your word processor. :sunglasses:

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Also, I’d advise against feeding MusGlyphs to your cat.

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If you have a font editor on hand (and I believe there’s a free one available), another option might be to add the rest character(s) you need to the lyrics font you’re using. I haven’t specifically tried this with Dorico, but I’ve used this technique in the past with good success and have no reason to think it wouldn’t work.

A fantastic new feature in Dorico v. 4 - I did not know about yet…