Restart bar numbers


I did a brief search but wasn’t able to find anything. Apologize if the topic already exists.
Is there a way to start again the bar counting?

I mean, if I want to make a mockup of a Classical Symphony or a String Quartet that has a “Da Capo”, I would like to be able to get my (lets say) 1-70 bars, then again 1-50, then 71-120.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Thank you very much for your help.



Yes, you can do so by using Arranger track.

In the Arranger track, make an events, which matches to your Parts (1-50; 1-70; 70-120…). Then in the Arrange editor, you can define the order of the Areanger events.

Once you are done, you can export it or flatten to th new project.

wonderful. Thank you very much

Ok, this took me a bit longer than I expected but I managed to do what you told me.

Yet this does not solve my problem.

The arranger track works (as far as I understood) as a Da Capo. Intro + Section 1 + Section 2 + Section 1 again + Section 2 again + ending.

That is not what I want, though this could be a solution.

I need to know if there is a way to start over the bar counting. I also have several songs for a Musical that are connected to each other but I have the manuscript with bars starting from number 1 on the first song and again number 1 for second song and so on.

So, I need. First song from Bar 1 to bar 44. When I reach bar 45 I need to start a new song which is connected to the previous one (so I can’t create a new project) and I would need to have a new 1 - 50 bar counting… I don’t think I can achieve this with the Arranger track.

is it possible to get this with cubase?