Restoration Plugins

After doing a clean install of Mac N5.5 i can’t find any of the restoration plugins (denoise etc.).
I tried 32 and 64 Bit.


Are you referring to the Sonnox ones that come only with WL7?

No, the denoise and declick plugins, which come with Nuendo. The files are there, but there are not recognized by Nuendo 5.5.

I don’t have it in front of me at present, but I think there’s something about that in the readme file…


Thanks, Mark.
Problem solved by installing Rosetta, going back to 5.5 32 Bit and rescanning the plugins.
Will there be updated restoration plugins for 64 Bit in the future?
Staying at 32 Bit solves another problem. The PPMulator+ plugin 3.07 64 Bit is not showing up in 5.5 64 Bit but in 5.5 32 Bit (??!?)
As I moved my memory hungry virtual instruments to another PC via VEP there’s no point is using the 64 Bit version on Mac, or is there?


OK, PPMulator+ does not work as VST 64 at the moment, but that will change in the future.


the restoration plugins are really really old. if you’re plan my on doing even the smallest bit of repair work I’d get isotope rx in an instant.

Even so there are times when they are still better than iZotope RX.
I have this - very expensive too - and it is close to unusable in real time as the real time algos just are not that great on all stuff and there is often material that still gets a better result from the old DeClicker. Just my opinion.
The WaveLab Sonnox are also very, very limited - much better to get the full versions.