RestorationRig BUG

Wavelab Elements 9. Win7 64.
Bug occur after OS clean reinstall. No problems before.

I’m trying to reduce noise (Dynamic + Static) only. It’s fine while previewing but I can’t render it properly anymore. Dynamic reduction is ok. Problem is with Static reduction. I’m getting two outcomes:

  • Remove whole signal leaving empty file
  • Reduces level a bit without reducing noise as it does while playback.

RestoreRig is the only one plugin used in chain.
Same outcome for Render and Render In Place.

RestoreRig is the most important function in Wavelab for me. Now I can’t work :confused:

Are you using version 9.5.15?

I remember there was an issue here on the original release but I think it was resolved in an update.

I installed update yesterday and it’s still an issue. Good to know it’s not just me.