Restore Dorico Pro 3 to factory default settings

I have had Dorico Pro 3 for a couple of weeks now and have messed around with a lot of the settings as a sort of experiment. I now wish to restore it to the exact factory default settings it came with so that I can fully document any changes I make in the future. Is there a SIMPLE way of doing this like ‘RESTORE DORICO TO FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS’ please? Many thanks.

Hi, Clarityinchaos!
Are you on a mac or PC ? If on a mac, I suppose if you simply delete the ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3 folder (where all the user-build options are stored), you should be in a factory state.
There are buttons for all the options that revert to factory settings, provided you press alt (you’ll see that those buttons change their name when you press the modifier key).
Hope this helps!

Hi Marc. I’m on Mac. I’ll try the first option so that I’m back to a virgin state so to speak. Many thanks.

If I delete the preference file (see attached) would this do it?

I would delete the whole folder because the preferences file doesn’t contain key commands or changes of default engraving/layout options.

Okay thanks. Presumably a new file is generated on reboot?